Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 September 2019.


This is an agreement providing the terms and conditions between you and Aprobynce regarding the terms under which Aprobynce provides you its services including information and software that are made available through the website aprobynce.com. The website aprobynce.com consists of various pages all of which are prepared, handled and managed by Aprobynce. All the services of this website are offered to you under the condition of acceptance of these terms, conditions and notices contained in this document.

While using the website Aprobynce.com you will have to do any or all of this:

  1. Enter Personal Information
  2. Click on Links
  3. Register or Enroll in an account
  4. Browse
  5. Create Order
  6. Request for Full Service   and etc….

This Agreement includes, and incorporates by this reference, the policies and guidelines referenced below. Aprobynce encourages you to review this Agreement whenever you visit the Website to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions governing use of the Website. This Agreement does not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other written agreement you may have with Aprobynce for services. If you do not agree to this Agreement (including any referenced policies or guidelines) or below 18 years of age, please immediately terminate your use of the Website.

  1. Disclaimer of Customer-Client Relationship

The website Aprobynce.com is only a platform which provides services to other suppliers.
The use of the services of the website by you does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Aprobynce.

  1. Not Legally Authorized by any Brand

Aprobynce.com is not legally authorized by any brand in any manner. Aprobynce provides only services for Ecommerce platform to various sellers.
We are not liable for the quality complaint; also we are not involved in any illegal service.

  1. General Information to Common Man

Since the law changes frequently and various revisions are done to the different laws of the country, any information provided by Aprobynce should not be relied upon as legal term and Aprobynce cannot guarantee that all the information available on the website is current and correct.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Aprobynce.com will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages in connection with this agreement or the services in any manner, including liabilities resulting from (1) the use or the inability to use the website content; (3) any services obtained or transactions entered into through the website; or (4) any lost, profits you allege. Hence using Aprobynce.com is absolutely at your own risk.


Aprobynce.com provides its services with fee included in the product cost. By availing the Service or any portion of it, you agree to pay the fees whether full fees or in Installments for that service. You agree to provide information about your credit card or other form of payment to Aprobynce and also update your account information immediately with any changes that may occur in your address or credit card expiration date or any other valid information necessary in the website.


If you order the product, than you agree that no further changes/modifications will be entertained. Any comments, questions, suggestions, feedback, or information provided by you about the service of our website are as per order placed by you. Aprobynce shall have all the right to use your Reviews for their promotion, marketing or advertisement. Aprobynce may also remove any of your Review/Feedback and is not under any obligation to post your Review/Feedback.

8.Illegal, Unlawful and Prohibited Use Banned

You are bound to Aprobynce as a user of its website Aprobynce.com not to use our website in the following ways:
1. For any unlawful or illegal purposes
2. For any prohibited purposes as under the website’s terms and conditions
3. To cause any repair or damage or to disable or impair the website.
4. To disrupt or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of this website.
5. Not to hack the website or steal the content as in scrapping or crawling etc using intermediaries like robots, crawlers, scrapers, or any other, or to access any information for which you have not been given the permission to access through your payments made for any services of Aprobynce.
6. All the Product images, description and all contents found on the website Aprobynce.com are protected by copyrights Act and intellectual property Act and hence you have no right to resell any product of this website. Any such unlawful or prohibited use of the website Aprobynce.com shall be liable for legal action against you.

10.Modifications in Terms and Conditions

Aprobynce reserves the right to change or revise the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time by posting any changes or a revised Agreement on this Website. Aprobynce will alert you that changes or revisions have been made by indicating on the top of this Agreement the date it was last revised. The changed or revised Agreement will be effective immediately after it is posted on this Website. Your use of the Website following the posting any such changes or of a revised Agreement will constitute your acceptance of any such changes or revisions.

Aprobynce believes strongly in protecting user privacy. Please refer to Aprobynce privacy policy, incorporated by reference herein, which is posted on the Website.

12.Disclaimer from Damages due to Technical Errors

Since the technical processing and transmission of the service and your content happens through different networks, and changes to adapt to technical  requirements of connecting networks and devices and hence if your content gets deleted or does not get stored even after uploading, Aprobynce shall not be held liable. You agree that Aprobynce shall not be liable to you for any termination discontinuance modification or suspension of service. Aprobynce is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from accidental or deliberate deletion, network or system outages, backup failure, file corruption, or any other reasons.